Foliage Scarf by Anu Raina


42″ x 42″

silk chiffon scarf



Anu Raina



My inspiration comes from an innate urge to give an expression to my thoughts and experiences that came with the journey of my life. Fabric is my canvas. I see the multitude of textures, rough, smooth, translucent or opaque, just like the woven complexities of life itself.

I work at a very subconcious level, in layers both visually and conceptually. Most of my pieces tend to be conceptual with a strong sense of connectivity and story telling. Combining unexpected prints, patterns and materials, (high and low in contrast), comes to me naturally.

While playing with colours and inks to design my textiles for my clothing and accessories, I not only get what I’m seeking, but also several other unexpected surprises.

This strong urge to discover more is an endless cycle that keeps me going.