Imperial Pearls Chandelier Earrings by Jacqueline Neves (Anythings Possible Jewellery)


Long chandelier earrings made with Sterling Silver and White Freshwater Cultured Pearls. Three large, 8mm, almost round pearls dangle from the elaborate designs with one small 4mm oval shaped pearl on the top where the French style earrings’ wires attach. Each pearl is accented with little daisy shaped beads. Earrings measure 7.5cm in length from the base of the earring wires, the total length with wires is 9cm.




Jacqueline Neves



To see my jewellery is to catch a glimpse of my soul. My wearable, three-dimensional art transforms as it moves and becomes one with the body. Movement helps the light reveal textures, colors, lustre and sometimes reflects to create magical sparkles like stars twinkling in the nights sky or sunshine on the water. Transformation is a major theme in my work, not only the journey from raw materials to finished piece, but also transforming old into new, negative into positive, pain into beauty.
I love to use something broken and discarded to create something beautiful and desirable. I am inspired by nature, water, art, people, my faith and all things beautiful. I am always conscious of the world around me as I create, so I try to use eco and animal friendlier materials and methods of construction, to upcycle vintage gemstones, silver and other jewellery materials when possible, combined with new. This brings harmony to my work and contributes to my eclectic designs. A life long passion for collecting and restoring antique & vintage jewellery has given me a unique perspective for creating enduring wearable art that will continue to express my joy many years into a bright future.