Vintage Reflections by Adriana Rinaldi


24″ x 36″ with frame

oil on canvas


Adriana Rinaldi



I welcome all to my personal view of the world through my artistic vision.  Life can be stressful and my objective is to offer a mini mental vacation while viewing my artwork.  My personal challenge is to share my stories and view of the world.  Perhaps if I’m lucky,  in a more beautiful and luscious way than real life.   I do this using my own  photography, my imagination, or bringing photographic elements together until I accomplish my goal. My subject matter is varied and includes floral (my passion and strength), seashell still life’s, still life’s, and waterscapes (boats and leaves on pond).   I use the Old Masters style mostly, but adapted my own way.  I am a member of the Canadian Glaze Oil Society whose members are devotees of the Traditional Old Masters style.