Sheila Thompson


I design and create narrative-based felts.  My artwear collection is a natural outgrowth of my fibre art practice.  My original artwork takes on themes rooted in issues of social justice and the environment.  I surface ideas about inheritance and resilience; migration and movement; habitat change and transitions in landscape.  The artwork is richly colured with complex surface patterns.  As I examined photographs of my artwork, I was struck by the detail of the structure and pattern visible in the close-up photographs.  The oversized grasses, Japanese fibres, silk rovings and wool fibres exposed a new dimension in the artwork that I wanted to explore.  I developed the idea of creating a new textile from an existing one through the transformation of this digital imagery onto silk and other fabric.   The new artwear – mostly scarves, shawls and kimonos – can now literally wrap you up in a piece of the original narrative.  And so, we go full circle.

The artwear collection consists of silk georgette silk habotai scarves and shawls of my own creation as well as scarves and kimonos created from my images by Le Galeriste.

You can see more about Sheila Thompson and her fibre work on her website