Sandra Robson

Born in Toronto, but I grew up on a farm and moved back into the city at the age of six. We didn’t have crayons, pencils or paper. It didn’t prevent me from drawing. I used sticks, sand, rocks and even snow. It didn’t matter if it rained or snowed – because tomorrow was the opportunity to start fresh.
While attending the University of Toronto, a talented Paleontologist asked me to illustrate for him during the summer months. This led me to understand that my journey was artistic in nature. It was the illustration program at Sheridan College that fueled my artistic passion.
Being exposed to the infinite world of illustrating, painting and creative expression, I established myself in graphic design –fine tuning design elements and principles.
Years of graphic design, creating illustrations and art direction brings me full circle to my painting roots. Inspired by my wonderful family, friends, laughter, and music – I’m loving every day and the possibilities it brings.

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