Sami Tsang

As the youngest child of a conservative Hong Kong family, I am expected to listen instead of speak. Pride is important in my family, elders have an image of their own to protect.

At 19, I was still considered a child; At 20, I was given permission to bear witness to the hidden conflicts in my family. I am now allowed to know, but my opinion is not welcome. I’ve lost the position of being a child, but have not been fully accepted as an adult within my family. Finding a way to be in this new role is confusing. My attempt to speak my voice may seem disrespectful. At the same time, my fear is that I may come to regret my inability to act, and that this failure would haunt me.

I want to resist these family rules and roles; I want to give myself an outlet through narrative sculpture. Just like clay, my feelings start as a shapeless mass slowly taking form, building a platform from where my emotional experience can be shared. The process of making brings me a sense of empowerment and agency in relation to my conflicted family matters.

More information about Sami Tsang and her ceramics can be found on her website