Rapt and Held

RAPT + HELD is a range of handmade clothing for children from newborn to 4 yrs. With an emphasis on comfort, the relaxed styles are inspired by clean Japanese lines and are constructed using African Dutch wax relief cotton (also known as Ankara or Kitenge, depending on which coast of Africa you are from). The prints are colourful and graphic but somehow also sophisticated and make a great foil for the simple tailoring. The robust material makes for durable clothing that ages beautifully and the relaxed fit means kids get to enjoy wearing each garment for longer.

I make everything for RAPT + HELD myself, in my studio in Toronto. I buy Dutch wax cotton either from European manufacturers directly or from local retailer/importers. I have channelled my enthusiasm for quilting cotton towards my fabric choices for the bias binding I make myself and use on all my pieces. As a parent, I appreciate the extra details in construction, taped and French seams for example as well as snaps and ribbed cuffs for comfort. I have been greatly
influenced by Japanese children’s wear. I love how ‘anti fit’ can still be refined and functional for kids. Aside from the ribbing, elastic and thread all components are 100% cotton and pre-washed for truer sizing. Every item of clothing is hand cut, sewn and detailed by myself.

After 15 years living in London, UK, Toronto native Logan Wilson returned to the city in 2015 with her husband to start a family. With a background in cooking, the arts and jewellery design, Logan has always enjoyed working with her hands, thus it was only natural that she sought a creative outlet for her time following the birth of her first child. And so was born, RAPT + HELD.

You can see many more designs from RAPT + HELD in their Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/raptandheld/