Mila Duric


I see life through the eyes of a child, daughter, mother, wife, and a woman. As an artist, I cannot help but be shaped by these perceptions any more than I could stop breathing. My pieces are a reflection of spirituality and the exploration of the female soul. I wanted to combine the meditative feeling of water with the powerful yet calming presence of women. I always felt content near the water. I wanted to capture the feeling I had with my pieces. The calmness, the stillness, the happiness.
My paintings are an expression of the sensory world through my eyes with the visual; taking on greater importance as a human being and an artist as the poetry of colour and form in everyday objects surrounds. Inspiration comes by things in everyday life, by looking beyond something that inspires an emotional response. Whether it is in still life, portraitures or figurative paintings, sharing the laughter of life’s little ironies and speaks of passion, the love of life, family and self. With the hope of each painting reinforcing there is beauty in the shadows.