Marta Mouka

Marta Mouka is a textile artist who creates collages using a unique approach to needle felting. She works with woven silk, often contact-printed with plant material, to make finished textiles with a smooth texture and soft-focus colour transitions. She experiments with centuries-old techniques of dyeing with natural dyes and combines them with the more contemporary method of botanical monoprinting.

Marta studied graphic design and visual arts at the College of Applied Arts in Brno, Czech Republic. She ran a graphic design studio in Toronto for 14 years, specializing in magazine art direction. Her extensive graphic design experience brings a strong sense of composition to her work.

Marta has been creating art for over 30 years. Since 2008 she has been a full-time textile artist, living and working in Tweed, Ontario. She has held solo shows and participated in juried group exhibitions, and she has received a number of awards. Her art is held in private collections across Canada.

Artist Statement

Nature Recorded on Silk and Mountain Range are an ongoing series of abstract fibre artworks featuring botanical monoprints.

The organic evidence captured on silk documents the beauty, mystery, and healing properties of plant material. My work relates to Canadian nature in a very physical and literal way.

I follow centuries-old techniques of dyeing fabric with natural dyes and combine them with the more contemporary method of contact-printing with leaves, stems, flowers, and roots. The process of unlocking pigments and tannins in the botanical material is as important to me as the graphic vocabulary that shapes my work. The monoprinted silk is then collaged, needle-felted into its final form, and detailed with hand-stitching and fused silk.

In my creative process, I draw inspiration from books, Buddhist philosophy, and my daily contact with Ontario’s rural landscape.

More information about Marta Mouka and her textile art can be found on her website