Marcelo Pazan

 Currently, my interest in movement and energy is expressed by the use of paint, lacquer, epoxy, and multi-textured materials. In addition, I use the “drip painting” technique to visually capture dynamic concepts. By applying multiple layers of colourful paint, I am able to produce a sculpted feel that adds a sense of depth to my compositions. Some of my latest paintings combine ChromaDepth 3D glasses and traditional colour theory to generate vibrant creations with dramatic illusions of depth. Other paintings add digital displays as part of the composition. By drawing on the tension between organic and man-made environments, the use of the “drip” technique allows me to impose order on natural forces and, thus, transform the banal into the beautiful. 

In essense, my formal training, diverse work experience, and rich cultural heritage from Ecuador serve as the underpinnings of my current exploration of ways to blend traditional art media and techniques with 21st century technologies.

More about Marcelo Pazan and his art can be found on his website