Mandie Patterson

Mandie Patterson has taken silversmith classes at Mohawk College and learned the fundamentals of silversmithing and jewelry making.  Her jewelry pieces are handmade, crafted with sterling silver, fine silver and precious metal clay.  She also does her own lapidary work, creating unique one of a kind gemstones to use in her work.   Each piece is an original, and no two are exactly alike.

I have always loved creating things.  I have tried my hand at many different mediums: beading, knitting, painting, rug-hooking, paper quilling, intarsia woodworking, pottery and fusion glass but something always leads me back to making jewelry.  It might be my love for shiny, sparkly things or my inner pyro love of fire but nothing is better than the sound of hammer on the metal and the spark of flame and watching the piece become what I had envisioned.

I am continuously refining my techniques to incorporate textures and combining materials into my designs, creating beautiful unique works of art to wear.

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