Loretta Faveri


I am obsessed with pattern. I see it everywhere in my urban world and I’m compelled to recreate fragments of it through my print making practice.   As I walk through city streets, I take pictures of patterns that interest me.  These images are turned into hand-cut paper stencils, printed on cotton and then the used stencil is hovered over the print. This creates a delicate 3D effect that allows the viewers eye to play with the negative and positive space.  A Toronto drain sewer becomes a repeating pattern of flowing leaves and a Bell Canada utility cover transforms into delicate lace. Through this unique printing process, I am softening the hard urban environment that surrounds me and at the same time drawing the viewers attention to parts of a city that may be deemed ugly, taken for granted or simply overlooked.

 More about Loretta Faveri and her work can be found on her website  www.lorettafaveri.com