Hanna Kim

One of the constant loves in my life has been jewellery! Since I was a child I remember gazing at all the varieties of rings, bracelets, and necklaces, the excitement of new adornments and how simply fun they were. I believe it started when my older girly cousins from South Korea visited my family and I for several months and brought me piles of cute accessories. I remember there were earrings like miniature 7-up and Coca Cola fountain drinks complete with ice cubes and straws, chocolate bars, and so many other things that would have made any child go wild with wonder.

Since then my tastes grew to an everlasting love for sterling silver. During my teens and 20s, I remember fondly visiting my favourite store on Robson Street, Vancouver, BC (it’s since moved to another area). I must’ve spent so many hours and so much allowance money at that store (lol)!.

From local to international, I was lucky to have the chance to live and travel abroad. I would get giddy with excitement visiting all the little street vendors and shops from turquoise earrings at Thamel Market in Kathmandu, Nepal, ornate sterling silver dangle earrings in Varanasi, India, mala beads from China, sparkly imports from night markets in Taiwan, and glass beaded necklaces and bracelets collected from all across Kenya. What I realized were that the attachments we hold to these little objects can be priceless and can provide us with a lifetime of feelings, memories, and joy.

A longtime fantasy was to be a part of that experience in some way. Not until recently was I able to make that a reality and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! A practical reason I created this shop was due to my own frustration with the lack of options for beautiful, high quality (non-tarnishing and long-lasting) jewellery that was available around me that also wouldn’t break the bank! We should all have access to pretty little trinkets that can raise our spirits. Every culture on earth has had some type of adornment for expression of style and creativity, beauty, and identity. Now that’s wonderful!

My vision for Besseha Jewellery is that it will add a little more light into your life and to those around you lucky to receive them as gifts. I am meticulous when selecting pieces and when putting them together. Quality and beauty are paramount and I wouldn’t offer pieces that I don’t feel 100% satisfied with myself. To be honest, I am genuinely happy and excited when I hear how much you love your new Besseha Jewellery. When I’ve heard that, I’ve done my job 🙂

You can find more examples of the beautiful, timeless jewellery designs by Hanna Kim at https://www.etsy.com/shop/bessehajewellery