Kristina Kirkwood


Kristina developed her skills as a fine artist from an early age. She won drawing competitions as a young child. Her parents sent her to art based summer camps as a child and evening classes as a teenager at the Art Gallery of Burlington ( formerly the Burlington Art Centre). Instructors there offered her adult drawing classes, and adult drawing courses at the University of Guelph at sixteen years of age.

Kristina completed her four year degree in Visual Art at York University in 1991. While at York she acquired experience in drawing and print making. She enjoyed historical process photography also. She worked as a technician in the print making studio and her interest in the many printing processes would keep her busy there most of her time.

Today her art has moved toward the textural and inventive applications of found objects melded into her work. Her inspiration comes from nature. She holds a reverence for nature and the common experience it provides for us all.

More about Kristina Kirkwood and her work can be found on her website