Khaula Mazhar


Khaula Mazhar was born in Ontario, Canada to Pakistani immigrants, whose loyalty to science and medicine is a common trait among people from the Sub-Continent. Thus they smiled patiently and reminded her gently, as her artistic skills continued to stubbornly develop, that she was destined to become a brain surgeon. However the world of brain surgeons would remain at a loss as she went on to complete her Masters in Biochemistry and then enter the world of teaching instead.

In her years of teaching Khaula continued to be involved in art projects on behalf of the school and helped create a pair of large scale murals that were publicly exhibited in Karachi (Pakistan) as part of Karavan Karachi’s heritage project. On moving back to Canada she has exhibited her work as a local artist in Mississauga. She is a member of . the Mississauga Arts Council, the Toronto West Arts Collaborative and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her paintings have received special merit and recognition certificates in juried shows.

She has recently started paint nights aimed at getting everyone to experience the freedom and fun a simple paint brush can bring and why art really is good for you. A portion of the proceeds goes to a charitable cause and Khaula donates her paintings for charity auctions regularly as well.

More information about Khaula Mazhar can be found on her website