Gise Trauttmansdorff

Gise is an artist working out of her Hamilton area studio. She draws inspiration at every waking moment from her surroundings. Gise manipulates space and form through composition and explores the poetic relationship between light and shadow and its motion in time. Texture and colour and fragility and coarseness are juxtaposed. Gise has an appreciation for weathered, aged surfaces and more conceptually a desire to create a feel of memory through them. Each piece is hand formed from clay so no two pieces are ever the same. In some of her assemblages Gise combines clay with found materials. The resulting effect allows each piece to reveal the history of its process and is intended to evoke a sense of discovery.

Having worked with clay for over 24 years Gise’s work can be found in collections in Canada, the U.S., Europe, South Africa and Japan.