Born and raised in Romania, Cristina was attracted to colors and shapes since she was a child. While her personality started to shape, she was always looking for “the different “in what she wore, what she read, what she listened to as a form of liberation from the “uniform style”.   Her aspiration to become a designer was locked inside her dreams due to parents’ wishes to pursue a traditional profession.  She graduated as a Chemical Engineer and she devoted a good part of her life to the technical field.

Cristina moved to Canada in 1997 and couple of years later she discovered the passion for jewelry making techniques.  She started with “shy” creations, the result of her self – taught learning and practice and she continued to perfect her techniques to the point she felt confident enough to have her pieces meet the world.  Cristina’s designs are bold and demand attention. Her inspiration is coming often from the materials she uses. She likes to play and experiment especially when she uses what she calls” secret ingredients”, objects and shapes that are not normally seen as jewelry and reinvent them into wearable art.

In 2012, she left the corporate world as she decided to take charge of her life and started her own business Criopia Design. 2015 came with new additions of one of a kind clothing.

Criopia is about:
• pieces not led by fashionable trends
• minimalism and functionality
• clean lines and timeless design
• high standards of comfort and quality
• statement jewelry to match a bold personality
• expression
• freedom to break the rules
• keeping real the most natural you
• being different and authentic