Brenda Morris

From my earliest memories, art and nature have been in my life. I was either sitting in my room drawing or out climbing trees. I was the kid that always brought home the stray dog or a hat full of baby squirrels.

I’ve always loved being out in nature, at the beach, in the woods or traipsing through the creek. This is where I feel whole. I love camping, building camp fires, cooking outside, being away from cities, towns and people. I’ve always been more comfortable in nature or with animals than with people. I am an introvert by nature and need lots of alone time. Nothing inspires my creativity more than being in nature.
My paintings help you return to a place of nature, so you can remember what it was like to be in that space. You can almost hear the leaves rustling in the wind, the waves crashing against the shore. You can hear the birds singing their song.
Remember what it’s like to stand on the edge of that stream. Recapture that sense of awe while watching the pelicans fishing or the hawk hunting.
Remember and relax and breathe.!