Belinda Carmichael


After graduating with a Degree in Jewelry and Silversmithing, I went on to hone my skills under the wings of highly trained jewelers and gem setters in Birmingham’s Jewelry Quarter.

After moving to London, I entered the fashion jewelry industry as a designer for ‘Angie Gooderham’. Inspiration came from international fashion weeks, travelling through Italy, France and the Czech Republic, visiting bead makers and designers, and shopping at bazaars and markets. Getting back to the design room, I felt like the proverbial kid let loose in a candy store, it was like my mothers’ button tin all over again but on a much larger scale!

Since making Canada my new home, I have returned to the traditional jewelry bench on a mission to indulge in my passion for designing and creating beautiful personalized  jewelry with a sleek, classic feel, but with a contemporary look.

I adore the classic and timesless qualities of sterling silver,  it’s such a versatile metal to work with.

More information about Belinda Carmichael and her gorgeous jewellery can be found on her website